Fascinator Augmented Reality

Download the Fascinator augmented reality app for Apple or Android devices.

Fascinator is my generative artwork based off the decorator crabs that live on Wadawurrung country, off Victoria’s surf coast. The crabs adorn their shells with weed, coral and reef to hide themselves. Fascinator can be viewed in AR by viewing a unique Fascinator print (available from my store) or exhibition flyer.

Once downloaded, enable camera access for the app, point your phone at a Fascinator printwork and load the augmentation. Try it now on this image…

Privacy & Data use policy

The Fascinator AR app requires use of the camera on your phone to capture your live ‘real world’ view which is combined with the augmented reality layers. This footage is not saved or sent to anyone.

I’m having trouble with the app, where can I get help?

Email us@underseacreative.com if you are still having issues. Just understand I developed this app myself from available tools, there may be bugs, for that I apologise. I’ve tried to troubleshoot any issues as best I can.