Wade into rocky shallows,
the dappled realm of a glamorous recluse.
Startled into hiding at the slightest movement,
beneath a hurriedly (high-)fashioned camouflage.
Couture hand-crafted from otherworldly treasures.

This 1-of-1 print is part of my Fascinator series. Each print is unique , one of a kind, and activated by augmented reality to reveal the full generative artwork Fascinator.

Fascinator is my portrait of the decorator crabs that live on Wadawurrung country, off Victoria’s surfcoast. The crabs adorn their shells with weed, coral and reef to hide themselves. Like the crabs, the augmented artwork hides in camouflage, constantly generating new disguises on the fly, with no two looks ever the same.

A3 210gsm archival matte ivory. Unframed. Hand signed and numbered.

For AR, simply scan the print’s QR code or visit www.watchyourego.com/fascinatorAR

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