Production and direction on the music video for Matt Corby’s “No Ordinary Life”, the lead single off the Rainbow Valley album – and Matt’s first ever official music video.

I wanted to create something that takes Matt from that Matt we know and love – singing acapella in an intimate garden setting – into the ‘extra-ordinary’; almost beamed up and into an ether of light, colour and wonder.

Also, that Matt plays every instrument on this song (and indeed 99% of the album) there is an intimate connection between him and every note that I wanted to show, to bring this multiverse of Matt Corbys together to perform, in one time and place.

Producer / Director : Ego
Assistant Director : Jack Toohey
DOP : Connor Rancan
Video production : yeahsure
AC : Jack Toohey, Jack Single
Editor : Ego and Jordan East
Colorist: Keiran Watson-Bonnice
Visuals assistants : Alexa Fernandez Martinez, Eddie Diamandi
Projection : Tamlin & Ben Hill
Lighting : Dan Jackson & Tony Allison
Set construction : Jesse Hartmann

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