Full length + high res version, password = mpossible

мPossible is a series of larger than life digital artworks popping out of the pavement around the City of Melbourne in an augmented reality, proposed for Now Or Never Festival 2023.

Support requested…

Ego Studios can provide a professional, world class public art experience in augmented reality tailored to Now or Never and the City of Melbourne. In return, Ego Studios requests $20,000 in core funding to finance:

  • artist fees, commission of original or adapted works from 6 Victorian based artists
  • app and digital development
  • design and printing of footpath decals
  • creative development

Ego Studios also requests:

  • permissions and guidance to affix decals to footpaths in trail locations around the City of Melbourne
  • curatorial assistance, selecting and commissioning featured artsits
  • access to digital 3d models of buildings / locations featured in trail where available
  • marketing and promotional assistance

This project builds heavily on Ego Studio’s work in augmented reality, particularly the No Borders in Our Sky AR-Trail in Wagga Wagga developed with Heaps Decent…

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