At the Hidden Creature Gallery, children are invited to create, voice and animate their own characters spawned from photos of their surrounds + a good dose of imagination. The creatures are then discoverable in a ‘virtual treasure hunt’, popping out from their environment via augmented reality technology.

Arena artists guide participants through the creative process, helping them photograph an interesting feature of the location before transforming the photo into their creature, and using motion capture technology to animate the character with their own voice and movement.

Visitors to the gallery can then use the Hidden Creature Gallery app on their smart devices and search for the creatures hidden throughout the location.

Hidden Creature Gallery premiered in 2019 and regularly appears at art fairs, schools, workshops, showcases and other events around Australia and even made its way to China in 2019.

The Hidden Creature Galley app is available for Apple and Android devices.

In 2023 the experience was customised for Starlight Foundation…

Starlight invited Arena to develop a tailored Hidden Creatures experience for the Starlight Express Room at Monash Children’s Hospital.

Ego worked with Arena to develop the concept, design and technology for this project.

The Starlight Hidden Creatures App is available for Apple and Android devices.

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